Custom packaged socks

As featured on AHA Life -NY this weekend…..

There’s something very satisfying, not to mention cozy, about looking down at your feet and seeing a really great pair of socks. We’re talking about funky patterns, fabulous colors and an overall sense of fun, an unbeatable combination that Sweet Marcel designer Amy Lawler has down-pat. Better yet, she makes adorable scaled down versions for toddlers, so you can have the sweetness of a mommy-and-me moment without either of you being inappropriately dressed. Aww.

Launched in 2009 by Amy Lawler, Sweet Marcel makes charming and feminine socks in a rainbow of lively patterns with designs that include anklets, knee-highs and over-the-knee styles. She also makes socks for little girls that can be mixed-and-matched with mommy’s. Lawler considers her socks to be wearable art and once each exclusive, limited-edition design is sold out, a new one is created to take its place.

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