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Trade Shows……

Trade Show season is upon us!  If you are a retail location & would like to carry the Sweet, Wee or Stinky Marcel collection in your store, please stop by & see either myself or a Marcel Rep at the following trade-shows.  If you are not able to attend the trade shows listed, please feel free to contact me directly.  I will send line-sheets directly.  We have stores carrying the Marcel collections WORLD-WIDE; therefore, we will ship to your store location where ever it might be!   

Stinky Marcel for Men

Exciting News!!!! Stinky Marcel is the Men’s collection from Sweet Marcel Socks. The Stinky Marcel collection will make it’s debut at the Pool Tradeshow in Vegas in just a few weeks. So keep a lookout at the end of this month and stock up on these fun new additions!


Photo shoot….

We had quite the interesting day yesterday while shooting some of the new OTK sock designs.  We did the photo shoot at the beautiful modern building of the Isleta Pueblo Tribal Counsel in Isleta, NM.   Usually people are not allowed to take any photos at these locations (in the Pueblo).  Needless to say, we drew  quite-a-bit of attention from the administration & also the Police Dept.   When they saw the socks, they LOVED them & allowed us to take the photos!    See where great looking socks can get you!  A special thanks to the Police Dept. & also all members of the Isleta Tribe in letting us share your beautiful grounds!

New Socks Sizes To Fit All….

Per your request, the knee highs are now avail in a larger size!  We added 1″ to the foot.  The knee high socks will now fit a either a shoe size 8-10 or shoe size 5-7.  Please specify when ordering.

Helping Children in need….

Sweet Marcel has partnered with Orphan’s Hope to benefit Orphan’s in need in the Ukraine! Marcel Monsters are hand crafted from Sweet & Wee Marcel sock samples/scraps. If you adopt a monster, you can either keep it for yourself or let it go live with an orphan in need. Along with each adopted monster, each child receives 2 pairs of Wee or Sweet Marcel socks! Stay tuned for avail Marcel Monster’s up for adoption.

In Stock Now!

The Lola style is in stock now! This scale armour inspired design recalls that even highly functional could be a fashion statement. Just like socks.

Get your pair in the salmon and mint green combination, two beautiful shades for the transition from summer into fall fashions.

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Happy Thursday Sock Talkers!

Ah! Sock Monsters!

Here is a sneak peek of a new project we are taking on at Sweet Marcel, a collection of quirky sock creatures made from present and previous sock designs. Stay tuned as we release more information on these creepy critters!

Happy Thursday!

Custom packaged socks

As featured on AHA Life -NY this weekend…..

There’s something very satisfying, not to mention cozy, about looking down at your feet and seeing a really great pair of socks. We’re talking about funky patterns, fabulous colors and an overall sense of fun, an unbeatable combination that Sweet Marcel designer Amy Lawler has down-pat. Better yet, she makes adorable scaled down versions for toddlers, so you can have the sweetness of a mommy-and-me moment without either of you being inappropriately dressed. Aww.

Launched in 2009 by Amy Lawler, Sweet Marcel makes charming and feminine socks in a rainbow of lively patterns with designs that include anklets, knee-highs and over-the-knee styles. She also makes socks for little girls that can be mixed-and-matched with mommy’s. Lawler considers her socks to be wearable art and once each exclusive, limited-edition design is sold out, a new one is created to take its place.

New Fall Styles!

We are super excited to announce our new over the knee Sweet Marcel socks! Make these neutral colored beauties a staple in your wardrobe coming in Fall 2012!

Damask print

Here is a sneak preview of the Maria, a modern and bold Damask print covers the sock from top to bottom. This design comes in black with charcoal grey detailing and also in a navy with moonlight blue detailing. Pair them with tights or leggings for a trendy, yet comfortably effortless look! Perfect for birthday presents and holiday gifts for any age, keep Sweet Marcel on your wish list!

Happy Tuesday Sock Talk!

Wearable Art

Each Sweet & Wee Marcel socks are hand drawn designs & featured as ‘wearable art’. Once a design sells out, it’s gone forever—but makes way for a new one to take its place. The Polly Black Design is now sold out, but due to it’s popularity & many request to bring it back, it will return in 7 weeks in a few different colors. Please feel free to email color suggestions via the Sweet Marcel web site!